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Werner MT 26 vs Little Giant 15426

Werner MT-26 vs Little Giant 15426This article reviews and compares two highly popular and very reliable ladders available in the market.

Ladders are essential for people interested in DIY projects. So, if you are a DIY-person, this article, and the comparison we offer in it, will be of great value to you.

Of course, ladders are also necessary to have at home in times of an emergency. We’ll help you find the best of the best!

Our comparison will guide you in making an informed buying decision.

Take note; it’s essential for you to first understand the in-depth features of the two products, compare them, and then make the right decision. So, allow us to help.

Top pick
Werner MT-26

The Werner MT-26 has to be our top pick, primarily because of its versatile, easy to use, and efficient design. It’s also not heavy on the pocket and is made of high quality material.

Werner MT-26

  • It has been built with aluminum
  • It can be converted into a twin stepladder, two separate scaffold bases, and even a stairway ladder
  • It’s not light in weight and is thus quite stable
  • It has rubber feet to ensure sturdiness
  • It features an extra wide flared bottom to ensure stability and safety

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We’ve tested Werner MT-26 vs Little Giant 15426 and the winner is above!

Werner MT-26 vs Little Giant 15426 Comparison Chart

Werner MT-26

Werner MT-26

Little Giant 15426

Little Giant 15426


26 ft

26 ft

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

300 lbs

Extension Min. Height

13 ft.

13 ft.

Extension Max. Height

23 ft.

23 ft.

Stepladder Height

6ft. to 11ft.

6 ft. 1 in. to 11 ft. 1 in.

Number of Positions



Height Adjustments

Shatter-Proof J-Locks

Rock Lock System

90-Degree Ladder



Staircase Position



Scaffolding Position






Slip-Resistant Feet






Product Dimensions

80.5 x 31.5 x 8 inches

79 x 31 x 8 inches


93 pounds

50 pounds

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The two products reviewed and compared in this article are the Werner MT-26 ladder and the Little Giant 15426 ladder. They both are exceptional products in their own right but have some significant differences between them.

For starters, there is a considerable weight difference between these two items. Where the Werner ladder weighs 93 pounds, the LG ladder comes in at barely 50 pounds.

Werner MT-26 vs Little Giant 15426

Other features like wheels, size, height adjustments, and safety are also slightly different. However, take note, these two ladders have a very minute difference between their overall dimensions.

Conclusively, we would highly recommend the Werner ladder since it costs less, and offers extra features while being a great ladder.

Here are the main differences:

Here are the main similarities:

  • Both products are made of aluminum
  • Both models have the same height of 26 feet
  • These ladders have a larger, extra wide flared base
  • Both have a silver body

Product comparison Werner MT-26 vs Little Giant 15426

The following section will compare the two products based on characteristics, including size, weight, portability, sturdiness, price, and extra features!

Size and dimensions

Werner MT 26

The Werner MT 26 is widely known for its compact design. Its dimensions are 80.5 inches x 31.5 inches x 8 inches. Moreover, the overall size of the ladder is 26 feet.

You get a secure footing with the steps measuring more than 1-inch wide. The ladder, itself, is 16 inches wide, with an extra wide flared bottom.

Size and dimensions of Werner MT-26 vs Little Giant 15426

Little Giant 15426

The Little Giant 15426 ladder has an overall height of 26 feet, which is exactly the same as the Werner ladder.

The ladder can be folded or closed, which, when done, measures around 6 feet and 7 inches. Its dimensions are 79 x 31 x 8 inches.


Overall, the size and dimensions of the Werner MT-26 and Little Giant are not entirely different from one another. There are very slight differences in their dimensions. They have precisely the same height of 26 feet.

So, dimension wise, both are good choices. Let’s move on to the other factors!


Werner MT-26

The Werner MT-26 weighs approximately 93 pounds.

Little Giant 15426

The Little Giant ladder weighs around 50 pounds.


Our final determination about which ladder is a better choice in terms of weight is the LG 15426 ladder. This is clearly because of the massive difference between the weights of these two ladders.

The more the weight, the bulkier will be the ladder and the more difficult it will be to store, carry around, and even use.

So, if you aren’t interested in carrying around a heavy ladder like the Werner MT-26, the LG 15426 wins in the weight department.


Werner Mt-26

Sturdiness is an important factor when it comes to buying a ladder. A sturdy ladder will ensure safety and ease of use. The Werner ladder is made of high quality aluminum, which provides a secure and heavy build.

Moreover, it has a wide bottom, which further allows for equal and firmer distribution of weight.

Now, take note, the heavy weight of the Werner ladder may be of inconvenience when it comes to mobility, yet, it is a good factor to consider when it comes to maintaining stability and sturdiness.

Werner MT-26 ladder has heavy-duty non-marring feet

The design of this ladder also has a slip-resistant feature. It has heavy-duty non-marring feet to ensure accidental slips don’t occur. With smooth curved side rails, climbing and balancing on this ladder is also easier.

Little Giant 15426

The LG ladder has a redesigned dual-hinge design, along with a 300 lbs. rating. It is made up of aluminum, ensuring durability and sturdiness in the overall build quality. It also features the wide-flared bottom like the Werner ladder.

Such features make it almost the same in terms of sturdiness when compared to the Werner model. But is it better than the Werner ladder?


Overall, the Werner MT-26 ladder is the best option when it comes to stability and sturdiness. The Werner model has numerous features that provide safety while using it.

With rubber protection on the feet of the ladder and an extra wide bottom, such a model will be very safe and reliable to be used around the house. That’s why the Werner edges out the LG product under such a parameter.


Werner MT-26

The Werner ladder may not be the best option in terms of portability. First of all, this aluminum ladder weighs about 93 pounds, which is basically a 100 pounds, if we’re frank.

Werner MT-26 weighs about 93 pounds

Such amount of weight can make it inconvenient for you to carry it around the house from one spot to the other. The fact it has no wheels further lessens its portability factor. The manufacturer could have at least added wheels. Sigh!

Little Giant 15426

The LG ladder has a remarkable feature of having two roller wheels. The wheels are of great help when it comes to moving such a ladder around. It increases mobility and ensures ease of use.

Moreover, it also weighs quite less; coming in at approximately 49.5 pounds. Therefore, pushing it and moving it anywhere you want won’t be much of an issue.

Little Giant 15426 ladder has wheels, and can be quickly folded

This ladder is also foldable. The height decreases once folded. This means you can carry it on a car, too.


The Little Giant 15426 ladder is the winner when we observe portability. It weighs less than the Werner model, has wheels, and can be quickly folded.

Extra features

Werner MT-26

While additional features aren’t entirely essential for the basic functioning of an item, we do love them! Impressive extra features can, often, be the reason a person buys a particular product.

The Werner MT-26 has several extra features. These include the whopping 37 different working heights. Such a range of heights allows you to access various altitudes with ease when working on a project.

Moreover, these heights can be adjusted by the quick and easy spring-loaded j-locks.

In addition to this, the Werner ladder is also fully multi-purpose. It can be converted into an extension ladder, twin-step ladder, stairway ladder, and two scaffold bases. Sounds awesome, right?

Werner – MT26 Multi Purpose Ladder

Little Giant 15426

The LG 15426 has extra features such as the two wheels, which offer better mobility. However, the wheels may be of little use if you have a small space.

Technically, having wheels might not be a great feature at all considering how easy it is to carry this ladder. Integrated leg levelers are another extra feature.


The Werner ladder has more features than the LG model. Furthermore, the features in the Werner model are those that can prove quite useful.

If you ask us, it’s always the better choice to invest in a versatile and more multifunctional product such as the Werner ladder.


Werner MT-26

The Werner ladder is available in more than one size and the prices vary accordingly. However, for the 26 sized model, which we’ve been talking about, the price is quite affordable compared to similar other ladders.

The price tag looks even more remarkable considering the extra features you’ll be getting.

Little Giant 15426

The LG ladder is one of the pricier choices out there. And considering it doesn’t really match the extra features of the Werner model, we can’t understand why there’s such a price difference between the two.


Of course, there are several variations between these two products, especially the extra features and the weight. However, price wise, for the final verdict, we highly recommend investing in the Werner ladder. It costs less than the LG ladder and is equally great, if not more.


Clearly, the Werner MT-26 seems to be the right choice if you’re looking for a reliable ladder. Other than the lightweight and the wheels, the LG ladder doesn’t seem as versatile and efficient as the Werner model. There’s also the price difference.

Werner MT-26 vs Little Giant 15426

However, it is also fair to say both the ladders are exceptionally good.


1. Cosco 2081AABLD 8-Foot Signature Series Step Ladder Type 1A

Cosco 2081AABLDCosco 2081AABLD item might serve as a reliable ladder for people interested in finding something compact for everyday domestic use, such as changing lightbulbs.

This ladder is smaller in size compared to the Werner and LG models and comes in at 8 feet. It’s a type 1A ladder.

The most distinctive feature it has, that most similar products don’t, is its one-hand lock and release latch.

Such a mechanism increases convenience and ease of use.

Moreover, it is also very light weighed, unlike the hefty 93 pounds Werner MT-26. This ladder is also portable since it has a carry handle that safely locks, allowing you to carry it with ease. Its dimensions are 57.8 D x 23.8 W x 92 H inches, and it weighs just 22 pounds.

  • It has a handle carry for better portability. Both the Werner and LG ladder, lack such a feature
  • It doesn’t shift to different heights and positions. The Werner and LG ladder can both be adjusted to different positions
  • It weighs lighter than both Werner and LG ladders

2. Cosco 20421T1ASE World’s Greatest Multi-Position 21-Foot Ladder

Cosco 20421T1ASECosco 20421T1ASE is another ladder from Cosco to know about. This one is larger and comes in at 21 feet.

It weighs about 41.6 pounds, which is less than the LG and Werner ladders.

So, if you are interested in buying a lighter ladder that is also tall, this might make for a good choice.

It can be used as a step ladder, too.

The best part about this lightweight 21-foot ladder is that it is available at a price cheaper than the LG and Werner models.

  • This Cosco ladder is quite cheap
  • This ladder weighs 41.6 pounds and is lighter than the LG and Werner ladders
  • This is a 21-foot ladder. The Werner and LG modes are 26-feet

3. Lifewit L12FT 12.5ft Folding Ladder Aluminum Extension 7 in 1 Multi-Purpose

Lifewit L12FTIf you’re looking for a highly diverse and multifunctional ladder, then this item might end up being a great option to consider!

This Lifewit L12FT ladder is a 12.5 feet folding ladder that can be used for seven different heights and positions.

This ladder is made of aluminum, just like the LG and Werner ladders.

Its multi-position operating hinges have been approved and verified by the European standards of safety. This ensures stability as well as safety during use.

Moreover, it also has a dustproof, and rust proof construction that provides durability and longevity.

  • The Lifewit ladder a cheap option to consider
  • The Werner ladder has 4 positions; this ladder has 7 extendable positions
  • This ladder is lighter than the Werner and LG models we compared

If you do not feel like going for the Werner MT-26 or the Little Giant 15426, you should check out the alternatives we’ve selected for you!


Where to buy the ladders from?

A quick and easy way out of your ladder problem is to buy directly from a retail outlet of the manufacturers. Werner and Little Giant both have retail outlets.

It’s always better to purchase something like a ladder from a physical store so you can look at it and test it out to see if it’s right for you.

If you don’t have access to a retail outlet, a good place to buy ladders is online through platforms such as Amazon.

We say this because Amazon has a load of customer feedback, products details, and other useful information to help you make an informed buying decision.

How to identify the size of the ladder?

Don’t confuse the size and dimensions of a ladder.

According to the American National Standards Institute or ANSI, the total length of each section of a ladder is its size. ANSI doesn’t take into account the overlapping extension ladders.

How to safely use a step ladder?

It’s necessary to know the safety precautions while working with a ladder. Sideways movement is a big no when you’re climbing or are already on a ladder.

Moreover, it’s always highly recommended to climb up and down on the ladder while facing the ladder and not away from it.

How to determine what ladder construction material is the best?

Most users suggest aluminum built ladders are a good option. Aluminum is a strong material and is also durable.

However, a better way of choosing the right material-quality is to see if the material used to make the said ladder has any odor, is resistant to corrosion, to rust, and is also not too slippery.

A slippery material will make it unsafe to climb the ladder. A corroded ladder is also dangerous. Therefore, anti-corrosion and anti-slip material should be a top priority when selecting a ladder.

Werner MT 26 vs Little Giant 15426

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