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Werner MT-17 vs MT-22

Werner ladder for your little DIY projectsWhether you want a ladder for your little DIY projects at home or for professional use, it will be a difficult decision to make.

This is due to the increasing diversity and variety of ladders in the market.

Therefore, this article will try to make it a less challenging task to choose between two of the most popular and reliable ladders in the market by Werner.

These are the Werner MT-17 and Werner MT-22. Both the ladders are from the same manufacturer but have key differences that impact your final decision.

The ladders will be judged and compared on the basis of their key features such as accessories, built quality, weight, size, and price.

Top pick
Werner MT-17

Our top pick is the Werner MT-17. There are several similarities between our two chosen models, such as their build material, which made it difficult to choose one amongst them.

However, considering the similarity in features but a huge difference in the price, we concluded that the MT-17 is a more feasible option.

Werner MT-17

  • It weighs about 32.9 pounds
  • It has extra-wide flared bottoms for safety
  • It features a stepladder and an extension ladder
  • It has an overall height of 17 feet

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We’ve tested Werner MT-17 & Werner MT-22 ladders and the winner is above!

Werner MT-17 vs Werner MT-22 Comparison Chart

Werner MT-17

Werner MT-17

Werner MT-22

Werner MT-22


Multi-Position Ladder

Multi-Position Ladder


17 ft

22 ft

Number of Steps



Number of Positions



Weight Capacity

300 lbs

300 lbs

Extension Min. Height

9 ft

11 ft

Stepladder Height

4ft to 7ft

5ft to 9ft

Extension Max. Height

15 ft

19 ft

Ladder Width

24.625 in

27.875 in

Flange Dimension

1 in

1 in

90-Degree Ladder



Staircase Position



Scaffolding Position



Shatter-Proof J-Locks






Slip-Resistant Feet



Duty Rating

Type IA

Type IA




Product Dimensions

7.8 x 25 x 56.8 inches

8 x 20 x 69 inches


32.9 pounds

42 pounds

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In this article, we’ve reviewed and compared two ladders from the same brand, Werner. The two models are the MT-17 and MT-22. They have numerous key differences but also have a few similarities.

The major difference between the two is their size. Other than that, the article also reviews some alternative options and answers some frequently asked questions too.

Here are the main differences:

  • The MT-17 is a 17-feet ladder; MT-22 has a height of 22 feet
  • MT-17 has a shorter extension ladder than MT-22
  • MT-22 has 28 working position, MT-17 has 20

Here are the main similarities:

  • Both products feature an extension ladder and a stepladder
  • Both feature non-marring feet that prevent slips
  • Both are silver in color

Product comparison

This section will most importantly help you in making the final choice. It has all the specific details about each of the products and how they are better compared to one another.

The comparison will assist you in finding the answer to all your ladder-related questions.

Size and dimension

Werner MT-17

The Werner MT-17 has an overall height of about 17 feet. It is a telescoping ladder. Its dimensions measure 7.8 x 25 x 56.8 inches. It also features an extension ladder that has a maximum height of about 9 to 15 inches.

Moreover, it also has a stepladder with a maximum height of 7 inches.

Size and Dimension of Werner MT-17 vs MT-22

Werner MT-22

The MT-22 is also a telescoping ladder but with an overall height of 22 feet. This is good for you if you want it for professional use or need it to reach higher areas. It measures 8 x 20 x 69 inches.

It also has an extension ladder with a maximum height of 19 inches. Additionally, it has a step ladder that has a maximum height more than the Werner MT-17, as it can go as far as 9 inches.


The final choice clearly depends upon how you plan on using the ladder.

While the difference between the size and dimensions is significant, it is also important to remember that the choice will depend on what size will be more useful to you.

The Werner MT-17 with its 17 feet tall structure will be preferable by home users and beginners.

Meanwhile, the Werner MT-22 is more of a professional level ladder used for more challenging tasks.


Werner MT-17

The Werner MT-17 weighs about 32.9 pounds, which is one of its selling points since it is lighter than most models.

Werner MT-22

The MT-22 weighs about 42 pounds. This is much heavier than MT-17.


The final choice is clearly the Werner MT-17 when it comes to weight. The weight of the ladder will also determine how easy it is to carry and move around.

Werner MT-17 vs MT-22

Therefore, especially for home use, you need a ladder that’s not too heavy to move around.

Stability and sturdiness

Werner MT-17

The Werner MT-17 is a reliable ladder when it comes to stability and safety while using it. This is because it features extra-wide flared bottoms that ensure stability as you climb up and down the ladder.

Moreover, the ladder is built with high-quality professional-grade aluminum, which is a strong and durable material. It also features rubberized feet that ensure safety.

Werner MT-22

The two products hardly differ in terms of stability. This is because even the MT-22 features an extra-wide flared bottom and is made of aluminum. It also has rubber feet that are non-marring to ensure no-slip incidents occur.


Undoubtedly, safety and stability are two of the most important factors and characteristics of a ladder that you must consider. It ensures the safety of use and makes the product more reliable.

Therefore, we have come to the decision that both the amazing ladders by Werner are great in terms of safety and stability. This is because both have a majority of the same stability features.

They are made of the same material and also have a similar structure such as the wide flared bottom.

Final Verdict

Even though the two products come from the same manufacturer, there are many key differences between the two that make the final choice difficult.

Not only are the two products equally amazing and safe to use, but they also have very similar features that can get you confused really easily.

Therefore, to make it easy, we have chosen the Werner MT-17 to be the final winner. This is because it is more lightweight and is more versatile, meaning that is can be used by professionals, beginners, and homeowners too.

This means that it’s a more comfortable product that is also more affordable than the MT-22. It’s also easier to carry around considering its size and lightweight.


If you want to give a look at some higher-end ladders that can be more versatile, then these two competing models are worth a look. In fact, the Xtend and Climb model is also one of the latest releases in the market. Take a look.

1. Little Giant 14016-001 Alta One Type 1

Little Giant 14016-001The Little Giant 14016-001 ladder is by one of the biggest competitors of Werner, Little Giant.

It is a 22-feet ladder, just like the Werner MT-22.

However, this is a much more versatile option.

This is primarily because it’s very easy to carry since it has wheels.

It’s a little pricier than the Werner models, but it also features extra functions such as the 90-degree ladder, step ladder, a frame and can also be sued as a scaffold.

  • It weighs 44 pounds which is more than the Werner MT-17
  • It has a red and silver body
  • It is made up of aluminum

2. Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Xtend & Climb 785PThis is another great model from Xtend and Climb.

Xtend & Climb 785P is very versatile and is also a new release.

It is specifically made to meet the needs of professional use.

It is a 15.5-foot ladder and has a one-button retraction system that makes it very easy to use and is portable as well.

The only drawback to this model is that it can be a little pricier.

  • It weighs 36 pounds
  • It is made with high-grade aluminum
  • It has a carry handle
  • It features a specialized over-molded foot


Is aluminum the ideal material for a ladder’s construction?

Professionals hugely prefer fiberglass for ladder construction. This is because it’s a very durable and safe material.

While many ladders are available with aluminum built, it is true that aluminum ladders do corrode over time. Therefore, professionals do not prefer aluminum ladders.

What is the ideal height of the ladder for home use?

For home use, a ladder with a height of about 15 to 17 feet should be enough. A 22-feet ladder may be too much for home use and will extend way more than you need it to. Therefore, you should go for a 15-foot ladder ideally.

Werner MT-17 vs MT-22

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