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Little Giant Xtreme vs Revolution

Little Giant Xtreme vs RevolutionWhether you are a contractor or a homeowner, you want a ladder that can help you get your work done easily, quickly, and safely.

And since ladders come in varying sizes and styles.

And some are designed for multiple purposes, while others are made for a specific purpose. You need to figure out what ladder suits your needs.

Little Giant is one of those ladder making companies that have been in the market for decades. And it has gained a reputation for creating quality ladders of varying styles and sizes.

In this article, we are going to compare and contrast two of Little Giant’s highly rated ladders: the Xtreme and the Revolution. Although each series has different models, we shall discuss the 17-foot models of each of them.

So let’s get started.

Little Giant Xtreme vs Revolution Comparison Chart

Little Giant Revolution Ladder

Little Giant Xtreme Ladder


Little Giant Revolution ladder

Little Giant Xtreme ladder

Duty Rating

Type IA - Extra Heavy Duty

Type IA - Extra Heavy Duty


17, 22, 26 feet

17, 22, 26 feet


Military Aluminum T6

Aluminum & Plastic

Height Adjustments

Quad Lock System
Rock Lock System

Quad Lock System
Rock Lock System

Tip & Glide Wheels



Weight Capacity

300 lbs

300 lbs



Air Deck Mount
Trestle Brackets
Ratchet Levelers
Fuel Tank

Lifetime Warranty



Check Price

How are they Different

Both the Xtreme and the Revolution have amazing features. The difference is that the Xtreme comes with extra features. And these features include an Air Deck mount, trestle brackets, ratchet levelers, and fuel tank.

If you are to buy the Little Giant Revolution, you would need to buy these accessories separately, which would be more costly. So it’s more economical to buy the Xtreme if you want these extra accessories.

Little Giant Xtreme vs Revolution

Another difference between the Xtreme and the Revolution is the material used for the outer parts. The outer parts on the Xtreme are made of plastic, whereas those of the Revolution are made of metal.

The plastic parts may not be as durable as the metal parts but they are softer to the touch. But if you are a contractor, you will appreciate the metal parts more than the plastic parts because they are more durable.

Another difference is the weight. The Xtreme weighs 41 pounds and the Revolution weighs 38 pounds.

So the Xtreme is 3 pounds heavier which is not much, but if you are a contractor who has to carry the ladder around all the time, then the Revolution would be more ideal.

But if you are a homeowner who uses a ladder occasionally, then the weight of the ladder should not be a big deal.


Both the Xtreme and the Revolution have Rock Locks for adjusting the height of the ladder. And both use Quad Pin hinges for adjusting the angle of the ladder.

Little Giant Xtreme ladder

Via: @littlegiantladders

Both are 17 feet in length and have a weight capacity of 300 pounds. They are both made of aluminum which is lightweight, tough, and durable.

What’s better about the Little Giant Xtreme

The Xtreme comes with Little Giant ladder accessories that increase your safety and offer varying benefits. These accessories include Little Giant’s Air Deck mount, trestle brackets, and a fuel tank.

The air deck mount serves as a handrail and it has a platform you can use to place your tools. This feature is handy for contractors or homeowners who have to do a job that may take some time to complete.

Little Giant Xtreme has an Air Deck mount

It also increases your safety and you don’t need to keep going up and down the ladder to get your tools. Plus it saves you time and allows you to work faster by providing a platform where you can place your tools leaving your hands free to do the work.

The fuel tank serves as a paint bucket and it can hold 1 gallon of paint. It comes with a handle and a magnetic brush holder to keep your brush in place. The tank is made of a plastic polymer that makes it easy to clean it up.

You don’t need to use any special cleaners to clean the bucket. Just let the paint dry and then peel off the paint. This feature allows you to get your paint job done easily, quickly, and cleanly.

The trestle brackets allow you to transform your ladder into a scaffolding system you can stand on. And you can adjust the system up to three different heights and varying widths.

The Xtreme has a comfort step, which is pretty much a large platform that you can stand on. And it’s great when you need to use the ladder for a prolonged length of time, the steps give you the added comfort.

Little Giant Xtreme has a Work Platform

If you are on a budget, go with the Xtreme and not the Revolution because it’s less expensive.

What’s better about the Revolution

The Revolution is one of Little Giant’s most popular ladders. And what’s great about it is that you can use it as an A-frame ladder, staircase ladder, 90-degree ladder, and extension ladder. And it is still lighter than the Xtreme.

The metal parts of the Revolution are another feature that makes the ladder more appealing than the Xtreme. They are more durable than plastic.

Little Giant Revolution ladder

Via: @littlegiantladders

And for contractors who want a ladder than can offer greater and dependable durability, the Revolution brings exactly that to the table.

Who should get the Xtreme 17” ladder

The Xtreme is ideal for homeowners, painters, window cleaners, roofing contractors, HVAC specialists, home decorators, and landscapers.

Basically, this ladder is great for people who need to reach heights that are up to 15 feet high. If you need to reach higher heights, get the 22-foot or the 26-foot model.

Little Giant Xtreme ladder

Via: @littlegiantladders

Another reason why this is great for people who do small odd jobs that require a ladder but use a ladder occasionally is the amazing accessories.

The Xtreme comes with accessories that are designed to help you complete jobs easier and faster while providing safety. Although they are heavy, this should not be much of an issue if you use the ladder occasionally.

Who should get the Revolution 17” ladder

The Revolution is ideal for contractors and other professionals that require a ladder to do their jobs. And this is because it is durable and light in weight. You can carry it around easily and without getting tired quickly.

Plus you don’t need a second person to help you carry the ladder. This is why it’s great for independent contractors and other professionals who work alone.

Little Giant Xtreme vs Revolution

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