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The Best Folding Ladder For the Most Compact Storage – Best Buyer’s Guide

The Best Folding Ladder For the Most Compact StorageAre you in the market for a new folding ladder but having trouble deciding between all the different choices? You are not alone.

There are so many options that you can feel a bit overwhelmed and unable to tell which ones will live up to the hype.

So, we have reviewed multiple options and narrowed a list down to the best of the best.

his will allow you to find a great choice for you without having to do your own research, and be able to find the best folding ladder for the projects you will do without any further delay.

Top pick
Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001

Although all of the options on this list will work great for jobs and household projects, there is one choice that seems to stand above the rest. That is why our top pick is the Little Giant King Kombo Professional Ladder.

This ladder option comes with several great features and a durable build that makes it a reliable product that anyone can make use of.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001

  • Award-winning innovative design
  • Multi-purpose and 3-in-1
  • Wide flared legs for better stability
  • Made from non-conductive fiberglass
  • Green color gives higher visibility

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With all the features that make this a great option, you can get the best of the best by purchasing this ladder. With all the things that this option can do, just about the only thing it can’t do is deliver itself for you.

Folding Ladders Comparison Chart

Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA

Little Giant Ladder Systems 15270-001

Telesteps 700FLD


Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA

Little Giant Ladder Systems 15270-001

Telesteps 700FLD



Step Stool

Step Ladder

Double Sided

Duty Rating

Type IAA - Special Duty

Type IA - Extra Heavy Duty

Type IA - Extra Heavy Duty

Type 1


6' - 10'

4 Step

6 ft

7 ft

Weight Capacity

375 lbs

300 lbs

300 lbs

250 lbs

A-Frame Max. Height

3' 9"

2' 11"

3' 9"


A-Frame Max Reach

10' 3"

9' 5"

10' 3"








27.5 pounds

27.5 pounds

14 pounds

24.5 pounds






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4 Best Folding Ladders (as of December, 2019):

1. Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001 Folding Ladder – Best Top Pick Review

Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001 is our top pick, and for good reason.

This folding ladder comes highly-rated and offers customers the ability to use it for both professional and residential use.

This ladder also comes with a green color that increases visibility for better safety.

Award-Winning Design

This folding ladder option is well-designed and specially crafted and has won the 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award. The multi-purpose functions and safety features were both recognized as major features that put it head and shoulders above the rest.


This ladder folds for storage but it also is multifunctional with the ability to change from an A-frame to extension and leaning configurations. This allows you to transform the ladder into whatever function you need for the job at hand.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001 is a multi-purpose ladder


This Little Giant folding ladder option is made from durable fiberglass that is also non-conductive.

This construction feature allows you to do electrical work safely without the risk of electrocution from a live wire touching a metal ladder.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001 Review, Pros and Cons

Rotating Wall Pad

This folding ladder comes with a rotating wall pad that allows you to safely set up your ladder on inside or outside corners, walls, or studs. With this feature, you are able to place the ladder wherever you need to.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001 comes with a rotating wall pad

Dua- Purpose Legs

This ladder comes with dual-purpose legs that allow for better stability when using it as a step ladder, or as an extension ladder.

The step ladder comes with wide-flared legs that offer more room and better stability, and the extension side has straight-line legs that that are narrow enough to fit between studs.

Main Features

  • Ground Cue bottom run safety signal
  • Field replaceable heavy-duty feet
  • Corner, pole, and stud gripping V-bar
  • Extension stud grab
  • Extension corner/pole grip
  • Rail shields and shock absorbing braces
  • Top Cap rotating wall pad accessory
  • Stepladder first between studs
  • extension ladder with field-replaceable wall pad feet
  • Leaning stud grab
  • Leaning inside corner
  • Leaning outside corner
  • Type 1AA – 375lbs Rated
  • Award-winning design
  • Multi-purpose functions
  • Non-conductive and safe for electrical work
  • Comes with a rotating wall pad
  • Has dual-purpose legs

  • Reliability is in question due to low number of customer reviews
  • Some customers have had issues with damage during shipping

2. Little Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA Folding Ladder – Best Four Step Ladder with Bar Review

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10410BALittle Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA step ladder with bar comes with many great features that make it a good option for any jobs or household projects.

From its versatile use and ability to use it for professional and commercial use, you can get the most out of this innovative ladder option.

Professional and Commercial Use

This Little Giant step ladder is highly rated and is made to use for professional, commercial, and residential use so that you can take it to any job site or use it around the house.

This allows you to do a multitude of jobs that you need to do.

Extra-Large Steps

This step ladder comes with four steps and extra-large that allow you to easily position your feet so that you feel more stable and safer while using it.

This ladder’s steps design also imitates normal stairway steps so it feels more natural to use.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA comes equipped with an added safety bar


This ladder is compact and lightweight, weighing only 27.5 pounds so that it is easy to take with you to any job site.

The small frame also makes transport and storage easy due to the compact nature of the ladder so you can fit it in tight spaces.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10410BA Review, Pros and Cons

Safety Bar

This ladder option comes equipped with an added safety bar that keeps you steadier while on the highest steps of the step ladder and gives you better balance.

The user can hold onto the bar to steady themselves when they need to reach a higher spot without feeling wobbly or unstable.

Folds For Storage

This step ladder has four steps and folds so you can easily store it wherever you need to. Whether you have a very small space, this ladder can be folded up and fit into tight spaces so that you can store and transport it easily.

Main Features

  • Type 1A rated to hold up to 300 lbs
  • Extra large steps
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Wide, slip-resistant treads for maximum stability
  • Fold-up safety bar with integrated tool tray
  • Constructed of rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Super-slim 5-inch folded depth
  • Complete with an integrated work tray
  • Perfect for around the home or office, plus it’s great for boats, RV’s, camping and more
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made for professional, commercial, and residential use
  • Extra-large steps for better stability
  • Lightweight and under 28 pounds
  • Comes with a safety bar to feel steadier
  • Folds for easy storage and transport

  • May be too bulky for some people to use and store
  • Wheels only move the ladder when it is folded
  • Does not come with a paint tray

3. Little Giant Ladder Systems 15270-001 Folding Ladder – Best Ladder with Platform Review

Little Giant Ladder Systems 15270-001Little Giant Ladder Systems 15270-001 step ladder has several features that make this one of the best options to pick from.

From the 300-pound capacity to the platform that allows you to stand on and hold tools or paint cans as you work makes doing household or professionals jobs easier than ever.

Industrial Rated Construction

This step ladder option allows you to use this product for industrial use because of its heavy-duty construction.

The sturdy build is strong enough to be used at job sites so that construction workers, contractors, or electricians can use it if needed.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 15270-001 Review, Pros and Cons


This heavy-duty construction doesn’t sacrifice strength for lower weight with this tough but lightweight option. This ladder weighs only 14 pounds in total and is easy to carry around the house or toss into the car for work.

Standing Platform

This option comes with a standing platform that is wide and allows you to move around easily so that you can get to the right spot to finish the job.

This platform also offers a great way to keep tools nearby so that you don’t have to climb up and down every time you need something.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 15270-001 comes with a standing platform

Slim Profile

This folding ladder is easy to store because it folds together, but this option gives an even slimmer profile so that it can be put in tight spaces in the garage or attic.

The slim design can also be put up against a wall or hung on a hook so that you can keep it out of the way.

Main Features

  • Type IA rated to hold up to 300 lbs
  • Super lightweight, yet industrial-rated construction
  • Lightweight design makes for easy transport and storage
  • Slim profile for easy transport and storage
  • Opens and closes easily with one hand
  • Complies with all applicable OSHA & ANSI A14.2 standards
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Made for industrial use
  • Lightweight and under 14 pounds
  • Easy to store with folding action
  • Comes with a standing platform for easy positioning
  • Slim profile for easy storage in tight spaces

  • Hinges are plastic and not very durable
  • The last step is 45 inches from the ground and only the top handle is up to 6 feet
  • Has a wide stance that makes it difficult to use in small spaces

4. Telesteps 700FLD – Best Double-Sided Folding Ladder Review

Telesteps 700FLDTelesteps 700FLD folding ladder is a great option for those who want to have the option to use either side of the ladder to get to hard to reach spots.

With this double-sided ladder option allowing you to climb either side or have someone on both sides at the same time, this ladder is great for big jobs.


This unique ladder offers users the chance to position it so that they can get to hard to reach places by using both sides of the ladder to climb. This also allows you to have two people work together with one on each side of the ladder at the same time.


Although this ladder has a heavy-duty construction, it does not sacrifice weight for strength. With a total weight of under 25 pounds, this ladder can be easily carried by anyone and is easy to reposition when necessary.

Telesteps 700FLD Review, Pros and Cons

Slim for Storage

This ladder option allows you to easily store this wherever you need with a slim figure that will fit into tight spaces. When the ladder is fully folded, it is the size of four by four posts so that you can fit it just about anywhere.

When the Telesteps 700FLD ladder is fully folded, it is the size of four by four posts

Meets Safety Standards

This folding ladder is built with the highest safety standards in mind and meets or exceeds the standards set by the ANSI and OSHA.

This ladder also comes 14.2 tested for safety and durability with use so that you can feel confident that your safety is a priority.

Main Features

  • 7 ft Double sided folding “STIK” Aluminum step ladder
  • Type 1 250 lb rated
  • Opens and closes from side to side
  • Closed size is like a 4 x 4 post for easy storage
  • Easy to use, Easy to carry, Easy to store
  • OSHA Compliant, ANSI 14.2 tested
  • Double-sided function for multi-use
  • Lightweight and weighs only 24.5 pounds
  • Can hold two people at the same time
  • Slim profile for easy storage in tight spots
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA safety standards

  • Legs lock are a bit difficult to lock in
  • Durability is in question due to negative customer reviews
  • May be a little difficult to fold properly

Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for a folding ladder option, you want to be able to find one that works for exactly the types of jobs that you will be doing.

So, there some things that you should consider before making your final purchase that will help ensure that you are getting the best option for you and the kind of work you will likely be doing.

Whether you are a professional contractor, construction worker, or you will be working on projects around the house, you want to make sure that the option that you get will not be too much, or too little for what you need.

So, here are the things that you should think about before you spend money on a new folding ladder.


One issue that could either make or break your purchase is the weight of the folding ladder. If you know that you will be doing household projects on your own, without the help of others, then getting a lightweight option that you can use alone is necessary.

The best weight of the folding ladder for you

You wouldn’t want to get a premium product that is too heavy to move on your own if you will only work by yourself or else you will get stuck not being able to finish the job.

You should also make sure that the option that you buy is not too light that you risk falling off because of the lack of sturdiness. You don’t want to have a lighter option only to be bumped by something and have an accident.

So, knowing the weight of what you can handle and who will be with you when working can also help determine which type of ladder you should buy.

Professional or Residential Use

If you are a professional worker who knows that you will use your folding ladder at a job site, then you do not want to get a ladder that is only made for residential use and vice versa.

These products are designed to withstand and last through certain extreme conditions, and if you choose an option that doesn’t work for you then you’ll end up with an item that you can’t even use.

This could mean that you only need to do some light household projects, but end up buying an expensive premium ladder option that is designed for industrial use.

This option could be very heavy and take more than one person to move. If you are doing projects in the house on your own, then this will not work well for you.

In the same way, if you are a professional and purchase a residential-only ladder, then you could end up getting hurt by using an item that can’t withstand the weight of heavy tools during a construction job.

Best Folding Ladder for professional or residential use

The ladder could also end up getting damaged easily at a job site and cause issues in the long run.

So, it is important to know what you will use the ladder for, and what types of environments that it will have to withstand to ensure that you get the durability that you need.


If you want to get a sturdy and well-built product, you may think that by buying a higher-end item that you are getting a better option. However, the price doesn’t always determine the durability and quality of a product.

Higher priced items may offer a nicer style and color but might not have the durability that you need to last you through industrial or consistent use.

In the same way, if you know that you will only be using the folding ladder for certain household projects, then you don’t want to get a heavy-duty option that will cost more and have features that you will likely never take advantage of.

So, you want to make sure that the ladder that you choose comes at a reasonable price for what you’re getting. A good way to check this is by looking at customer reviews online.

Previous buyers will be honest about their experience with the item and often let you in on some major or minor flaws. This will allow you to decide if the minor issues are still worth the price so that you can purchase a product that you will love.


With all the information about these folding ladders, and the things that you should consider before making your final purchase, you have a lot to think about.

However, you may still have a few questions about folding ladders that you would like answered before you spend money on a new one.

So, we have made a list of some of the most frequently asked questions and found answers so that you find all you need in one place.

What is the 4 to 1 rule?

The four to one rule is used when fully extending a ladder. This rule says that for every four feet that you climb, you move the ladder one foot away from the wall.

This ensures that you will have the best angle for safety and allows you to keep a consistent pattern whenever using the ladder.

How do I stay safe when using a folding ladder?

The main safety procedures that you should follow when using a folding ladder is to always face the ladder, especially when you are climbing, use at least one hand to firmly grasp the ladder at all times, and do not carry any objects that could cause you to lose your balance and fall.

When you are climbing, use at least one hand to firmly grasp the ladder at all times

What is the three-point grip, and why should I use it?

The three-point grip is a safety feature that you should follow when on a ladder. This grip is when you have two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot holding onto the ladder.

This keeps you balanced at all times so that you can catch yourself if you begin to fall.

How should I handle objects safely while on a ladder?

Keeping tools in a tool belt will keep them handy and free up your hands for proper climbing. The use of accessories such as tool lanyards to keep tools tethered to your body can prevent you from falling while working on a ladder.

Any heavy or bulky items should be brought up only after you have reached the top. Signs or barricades can be used to warn others that work is proceeding above them and that they should be aware of possible falling objects.

How do I properly set up the ladder?

To correctly set up a ladder you need to make sure that the feet of a ladder is level and positioned solidly on the ground. If the ground is soft or uneven, use boards under the legs for extra support.

How do I properly set up the ladder

Test the ladder to verify that it is secure by putting weight on it to see if it rocks. For stability, both sides of the ladder need to be against the wall or other nearby support.

The legs on a stepladder should be spread fully and locked into position before you begin climbing.

Always take safety precautions seriously, even when you are not higher up because you can still get injured while on a step ladder.


Finding the best folding ladder can seem like a big task at first, but with the great options that we listed in this article, you can choose the right one for you in no time.

Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty option to use for work, or you want a lightweight ladder that you can lug around the house, you can find one option that fits you on this list.

Even if you don’t purchase one of these choices, you now have the information you need to search for a different option if you’d like so that you can get the perfect ladder for your next project.

Best Folding Ladder

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