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Best Pool Ladder – Best Buyer’s Guide

Best Pool LadderHaving a swimming pool ladder installed in your swimming pool can improve your safety and makes it easy for you to climb in and out of the pool.

Some pools come with pool ladders, but some of the ladders are not very sturdy or are simply of poor quality.

The point of installing a swimming pool ladder is to help you climb in and out of a pool safely.

But if the ladder is not sturdy or is worn out, it can be extremely dangerous.

So if you have an above ground swimming pool and you want to install a swimming pool ladder or replace the old one, there are a few things you should know.

Swimming pool ladders are available in varying sizes and styles. And they also have varying prices.

Picking one that is suitable for you depends on who else will use the ladder other than you. And how much you are willing to spend on the ladder and the installation.

In this guide, we have reviewed 5 best pool ladders to get you started on your pool ladder journey. And how to select a swimming pool ladder that is suitable for your situation.

But we also encourage you to do further research before buying one.

Top pick
Confer Plastics CCX-AG Pool Ladder

There are many pool ladders with many user positive reviews and feedback. But why this particular ladder took the top spot on our list of the 5 best ladder pools was for these reasons.

Confer Plastics CCX-AG

  • Fits 60 inch Pools
  • Made of Tough Plastic
  • Four Wide and Sturdy Steps and Handrails
  • Beautiful Design

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This choice is our top pick for a reason and with its many great features, it is easy to see why we chose this product. With all the things that this ladder can do, the only thing that it can’t do is order itself for you.

Pool Ladders Comparison Chart

Confer Plastics CCX-AG

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200

Bestway 58334E

Aqua Select Pool Ladder

Vinyl Works SLA


Confer Plastics CCX-AG

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200

Bestway 58334E

Aqua Select Pool Ladder

Vinyl Works SLA







Pool Height

60 inches

48-56 inches

36 inches

60 inches

48-56 inches


27 inches x 10 inches

18 inches x 5 inches


31.5 inches x 10.5 inches

17.25 inches x 3.5 inches

Weight Capacity

400 lbs

300 lbs


400 lbs

300 lbs


60.7 lbs

56 lbs

32.6 lbs


57 lbs

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5 Best Pool Ladders (as of June, 2020):

1. Confer Plastics CCX-AG Pool Ladder Review

Confer Plastics CCX-AGThis Confer Plastics CCX-AG swimming pool ladder is aesthetically pleasing and it comes in two colors.

But what’s great about this ladder is not much about how it looks, but the advantages it offers.

Made of tough plastic, this ladder is so strong that it can support weights of up to 400 pounds.

It is shaped like a staircase and it has 4 wide sturdy steps to make it easy to climb in and out of the pool. It also has side panels that can be filled with pea gravel or sand to give the stairs some weight.

It is made of plastic so it’s extremely light and if you don’t fill the panels with sand to weigh it down, it will move up and down as the water moves. And this can make the stair ladder unstable making it difficult to use.

Also, even though the ladder is light, it is a two-man job to install. Installing the stairs when it’s already filled with sand can be difficult for one person.

Other than the lightweight issue, what we love about this ladder is the sturdy construction.

Confer Plastics CCX-AG Review, Pros and Cons

This ladder has large, sturdy, and comfortable handrails and steps that make it easy for anyone with physical limitations to use. It also great for kids because it is sturdy enough to ensure their safety.

Confer Plastics CCX-AG

Via: @my_best_self_sherry_wheeler

It is also important to note that it’s built for pools that are 60 inches deep. And it comes with adjustable pads that make it possible to install it on uneven floors.

The only other issue with this ladder is the price tag. This is not your average priced ladder. It is rather expensive but given the safety features it well worth the investment.

Main Features

  • 4-Step Staircase
  • Pool Height: 60 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • 24 inch Oversized Deck Mounting Brackets
  • Smooth, Curved Step Treads & Gentle Sweeping Handrails
  • Adjustable Base Pads
  • Super Strong, Chemical Resistant Resin
  • Material won’t Color Fade
  • Sides Panels Fill with Sand or Pea Gravel
  • Easily Snaps Together Without any Tools
  • Steps can be Curved Inwards or Outwards During Installation
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Comfortable and wide steps
  • Sturdy handrails
  • Designed for pools that are up 60 inches deep
  • Ideal for people with physical limitations
  • Beautiful design
  • Non-fade build

  • Installation is not easy
  • It is too light
  • It is expensive compared to similar models

2. Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Pool Ladder Review

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200This model by Confer Plastics is an A-frame swimming pool ladder that is designed to fit pools that are up to 54 inches deep, but not less than 48 inches deep.

The Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 model is not difficult to install.

And it comes with a large platform to make it easier for kids, adults, and people with physical limitations to climb up and down the ladder.

It also has wide sturdy steps and handrails that makes climbing in and out your pool a breeze.

But aside from that, the ladder is safe, sturdy, and is easy to use. This ladder is made of tough plastic. So it is durable and strong.

And it can support weights of up to 300 pounds. Some swimming ladders can support more weight, but the load capacity for this one is pretty decent.

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Review, Pros and Cons

If people in your household weigh less than 300 pounds, then it’s a great purchase.

Main Features

  • Pool Height: 48-56 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Large 5 inch x 18 inch Wide Comfortreads
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Extra Large Top Platform
  • Lockable Roll-Guard Barrier
  • Curved Side Rails
  • Inner Side Rails Include Integrated Side Barriers
  • Easy Assembly With Minimal Hardware
  • Just Fill Side Rails With Water to prevent floating, no sand or bricks needed
  • Fits Pool Top Seats up to 14 inches Wide
  • Ladder must be Attached to Pool Frame – not for use on soft-sided/inflatable pools
  • Strong, sturdy, and fade-free construction
  • Durable design that is lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Wide sturdy and comfortable steps
  • Strong and comfortable handrails
  • Large platform to make it easy to climb in and out of the pool
  • Ideal for children and folks with physical limitations
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds

  • It is expensive
  • Extreme heat may cause the steps to become soft making it difficult to use the ladder

7200 Rollguard A-Frame Aboveground Pool Ladder Installation:

3. Bestway 58334E Pool Ladder Review

Bestway 58334EThis model by Bestway is ideal for pools that are 36 inches deep.

Bestway 58334E comes with a tough metal frame that is corrosion resistant and sturdy steps made of plastic.

The steps are non-resistant providing you with the safety and comfort that you need when climbing in and out of your pool.

And the handrails are steady and strong making it easy and comfortable for you and others to use the ladder. The handrails also increase your safety when you are getting and out of the pools.

Bestway 58334E Review, Pros and Cons

Overall, it is a very sturdy and strong ladder that can give you years of use. And it is easy to assemble and install.

With this ladder, there is no adding of pea gravel or sand to weigh down, it has a 12 inch round frame that is sturdy enough to keep you steady and stable. And it is quite affordable.

Bestway 58334E

Via: @logansmomma2011

Main Features

  • Steel Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder No-Slip
  • Pool Height: 36 inches
  • Easy Assembly
  • Corrosion-Resistant Metal Frame
  • Slip-Resistant Plastic Steps
  • Arm Rails & Standing Platform
  • 12′ Round Frame Easy Set Cover
  • For Fast Set or Steel Pro Frame Pools
  • Barrier Prevents Children from swimming behind the ladder
  • Warranty: 90-day Bestway Warranty
  • Sturdy and corrosion-resistant metal frame
  • Slip-resistant steps for safety and comfort
  • Sturdy handrails to help you climb in and out of the pool safely and easily
  • Easy to put together and install
  • Affordable

  • Not ideal for people with physical stresses

4. Aqua Select Pool Ladder Review

Aqua Select Pool LadderAqua Select created this model for people who are looking for a durable and strong pool ladder.

And this Aqua Select Pool Ladder model is designed to make it easy and safe for you to get in and out of your swimming pool.

Designed to fit 60 inch pools, the ladder is made of tough plastic that is lightweight, weather-resistant, and durable.

The ladder steps are wide, strong, and comfortable. So getting in and out of your pool should be relatively easy. And due to the size of the steps, you do not need to worry about falling off.

Aqua Select Pool Ladder Review, Pros and Cons

Plus the ladder is super strong and steady. So you won’t experience any wobbling when you climb in and out of your pool.

And with a weight capacity of 400 pounds, you should feel easy about you and your family using this ladder.

Another great feature is the side openings. On the sides of the ladder, there are openings to allow water to flow behind it to help prevent algae growth. And these openings also prevent pool chemicals from getting stuck on the ladder.

Main Features

  • Economical & Strong
  • Side Openings For Water Circulation & Pool Chemicals
  • Pool Height: 60 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Mounting Brackets to Safely Secure
  • White Durable Frame
  • Dimension Wide Step 10.5 inches x 31.5 inches
  • For All Above Ground Pools With Flat Bottoms
  • Snap Together Pieces for an Easy Installation
  • Ideal for 60-inch pools
  • Plastic build that is tough, strong, and durable
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Sturdy handrails to help you get in and out of your pool safely and easily
  • Wide sturdy steps to ensure steadiness, stability, and safety when using the ladder
  • Side openings to allow the water to flow around the ladder to help prevent algae growth

  • It is expensive compared to similar products

5. Vinyl Works SLA Review

Vinyl Works SLAThis Vinyl Works SLA A-frame pool ladder is a beautiful and well-designed ladder that has all the advantages you can expect from a quality ladder pool.

It is designed to fit pools that are 48 to 56 inches deep.

And it has a load capacity of 300 pounds.

The ladder comes with extended handrails that are extremely sturdy and have a slide and lock.

Vinyl Works SLA Review, Pros and Cons

Main Features

  • Pool Height: 48-56 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Slide Lock Design
  • 4 Treads Each Side 17.25 inches x 3.5 inches
  • Top Platform With Anti-Skid Surface 18. 5 inches x 11. 5 inches
  • Double Extended Handrails
  • Anti-Entrapment Barrier Included
  • Permanently Embossed With “No Diving/No Jumping” Warnings
  • Rigid frame for strength and durability
  • Extended handrails to make it easy to get in and out of your pool
  • Extra tread to help you climb up and down the ladder easier
  • Anti-slip steps for easy and safe climbing
  • Load capacity of 300 pounds
  • Comes with a safety barrier to help prevent swimming behind the ladder

  • The slide-lock feature doesn’t work well
  • Some users have complained that it’s wobbly

Buyer’s Guide

We have listed some of the best pool ladders based on user feedback and ratings. But this is a short list. There are many other great pool ladders, you just need to do your research before buying one.

And to help you get started, here is a small guide on what to look out for when selecting a swimming pool ladder.

Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity of a ladder is a key factor when selecting a swimming pool ladder. And this has to do more with safety than anything else.

Most standard pool ladders have a capacity of 300 pounds. But it’s wise to buy one that has the highest weight capacity particularly if many people will use it.

If you hold pool parties often, you need a ladder that can withstand varying weights without collapsing or wobbling. The same case goes if you have kids.

Type of material

When it comes to the material the pool ladder is made of, most of them are either made of vinyl or steel. Steel is sturdier and more durable than vinyl. And steel rungs are more slip-resistant than vinyl rungs.

But vinyl, on the other hand, does not erode. Steel does. And vinyl is lightweight and easier to install. So when you are considering the material will depend on who will use the ladder.


Most ladders come in the conventional straight ladder style and the other is the staircase style.

Pool Ladder has the A-frame design

In our list, we have indicated the ladders that are ideal for kids and folks with physical limitations. And all of them have an A-frame design.

So the design factor comes into play if you have children or if you live with someone or people who have physical limitations. If not, and you are physically fit, whichever design you go with is totaly up to you.

The Ladder Rungs

Rungs are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing any ladder. And for a swimming pool ladder, you want rungs that are wide enough to give you secure footing and are slip-resistant for the purposes of safety.

Steps for pool ladder

If you are buying your pool ladder online, it’s hard to tell or know if the rungs are slip-resistant. But what you can do is check out the user reviews to see if anyone has mentioned the rungs. Or to see what people are saying about the rungs.


Talking of weight, some pool ladders are extremely lightweight and they have to be filled with sand to weight them down.

These types of ladders are designed in a way to make that possible. And they come with instructions on how to do it.


Avoid going cheap when selecting a swimming pool ladder. For the reason that the main reason for installing a ladder is to help you get in and out of your pool safely and easily.

Let’s face it, no one really installs a swimming pool ladder for aesthetic reasons.

A cheap ladder is a no no because it may have certain structural integrity issues. Or could possibly have a poor design with barely any safety features hence the reason it’s cheap.

And this is the type of ladder you don’t want to install if you have kids.


Pool ladders are a great addition to your pool because they offer a level of safety when you need to use the pool. And they make it easy for people with physical limitations and kids to climb in and out of the pool with ease.

So if you plan on getting one, we hope that our guide will be of help to you.

Best Pool Ladder

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