Best Ladder Accessories – Best Buyer’s Guide

Best Ladder AccessoriesEach year, ladder-related accidents continue to rise.

And it’s for this reason that many companies that make ladders also make ladder accessories to prevent ladder accidents.

These accessories vary in style and functionality.

Some are designed to keep your ladder steady and others to provide you with more comfort as you work.

But mainly these accessories are designed to help prevent ladder accidents by ensuring your safety when using a ladder.

It doesn’t matter what kind of ladder you use, you can find an accessory that is compatible with it. And many of them are affordable. So you can buy more than one. But having said that, what ladder accessories should you consider buying?

This depends on what you use your ladder for and how often you use it. Some ladder accessories are designed for construction work, others are ideal for small home jobs.

To know more about the best ladder accessories, continue reading and hope you find the information insightful and helpful. Enjoy.

Ladder Accessories Comparison Chart


Guardian 10800 Safe-T Ladder Extension System

Guardian 10800 Safe-TFall Protection Ladder SystemMaterial: Aluminum
Finish: Powder Coated
Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
Weight: 15 lbs
Check Price

HomDSim SHR89019 Ladder Stop Mat

HomDSim SHR89019Ladder Stop MatMaterial: Soft Rubber
Finish: No
Weight: 3.625 lbs
Check Price

Ideal Security Ladder-Aide LA1 for Type 2

Ideal Security LA1 for Type 2Ladder-Aide On StairsMaterial: Aluminum, Steel
Finish: No
Weight Capacity: 225 lbs
Weight: 7.2 lbs
Check Price

Xtenda-Leg 700 Ladder Levelers with Cleated Feet

Xtenda-Leg 700Ladder Levelers with Cleated FeetMaterial: Steel
Finish: No
Weight: 7.3 lbs
Check Price

LADDER ACCESSORIES 600C Ladder Leveler Pair

LADDER ACCESSORIES 600CLadder Leg Leveler PairMaterial: Steel
Finish: Zinc
Weight: 7.8 lbs
Check Price

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10104 Work Platform

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10104Work PlatformMaterial: Aluminum
Finish: No
Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
Weight: 4.1 lbs
Check Price

Ladder-Max ABM 2002 Stand-Off Stabilizer

Ladder-Max ABM 2002Stand-Off StabilizerMaterial: Steel
Finish: Zinc
Weight: 7.7 lbs
Check Price

Werner 92-88 Cable Hook and V Rung Assembly

Werner 92-88Cable Hook and V Rung AssemblyMaterial: Aluminum, Steel
Finish: No
Weight: 4 lbs
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8 Best Ladder Accessories (as of May, 2024):

1. Guardian 10800 Safe-T – Best Fall Protection Ladder System Review

Guardian 10800 Safe-T Ladder Extension SystemThe Guardian 10800 work fall protection ladder is a great accessory that you can add to your ladder when you need to access an upper landing.

Usually, the side rails of a portable ladder will extend 3 feet above a higher landing for you to gain access to the landing.

You would need to keep a steady balance when stepping off and onto the landing and vice versa, which is not always easy.

But using the Guardian 10800 Safe-T Ladder Extension System, you can easily access an upper landing while ensuring your safety.

The extension is designed to attach over the upper part of your ladder using knobs. It is easy to install and you don’t need tools to tighten the knobs, you can do that easily using your hands.

There is a safety latch that locks the ladder firmly in place once you attach it to your ladder. And this is to prevent the extension from slipping and causing accidental injuries.

The extension has two offsetting handrails to give you better support and increase your safety as you step off and on your ladder.

They are made of aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about the handrails breaking or bending after some use. Or becoming hot to the touch when temperatures outside are high.

Guardian 10800 Safe-T Ladder Extension System Review, Pros and Cons

A word of caution: If any part of the extension gets damaged, replace it with a new one. Using a damaged fall protection extension ladder, no matter how small the damage can increase your chances of falling.

Main Features

  • Designed to Attach Over the Top of the Ladder
  • Quickly & Easily Attaches to Almost Any Ladder
  • Safe & Easy Transition
  • Requires No Tools, Drilling or Bolting
  • Two Offsetting Handrails
  • Safety Latch & Hand Grips
  • Simple to Use Knob
  • Cushioned Bumper Pads
  • Material Aluminum
  • Finish Powder Coated
  • Load Capacity 375 lbs
  • OSHA Standards


  • Sturdy handrails to increase your safety and give you solid support as you step off and on your ladder
  • Ideal for almost any portable ladder
  • Safety latch to keep the extension ladder from slipping
  • Sturdy and easy to twist knobs to keep the extension securely in place to avoid falls
  • Aluminum build for sturdiness and reliability
  • Easy to install and use


  • It is heavy

2. HomDSim SHR89019 – Best Ladder Stop Mat Review

HomDSim SHR89019 Ladder Stop MatA HomDSim SHR89019 ladder stop mat is reliable and easy to use. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

And the main advantage of using a ladder stop mat is to keep your ladder steady on any type of surface. Even a slippery surface.

Most portable ladders already have slip-resistant feet, but on certain surfaces, they don’t hold well.

With the HomDSim ladder stop mat, which is made of soft rubber, you can keep your ladder steady and prevent it from sliding. It has ridges to help keep your ladder stable on uneven ground.

This ladder stop mat is 27 inches by 15.7 inches in size and it has a thickness of 0.2 inches by 0.8 inches. It weighs about 3.7 pounds so it is easy to carry.

A couple of things the company has cautioned about the use and care of this product include:

  • Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures as that can damage the structural integrity of the product
  • Don’t use it on a surface that has oil or sand as this may reduce its effectiveness. Clean the surface first before using the mat
  • Don’s use it for anything else other than its intended use
  • Do not use harsh detergents or chemicals to clean the stop mat. A wild detergent and water will do
  • Store it in a dry place

HomDSim SHR89019 Ladder Stop Mat Review, Pros and Cons

This is a great ladder accessory you may want to have in your home. Or use for your work if you use a ladder often. It retails for relatively less compared to other similar products.

So you can afford more than one if you need to buy a couple for your employees who use ladders to get jobs done.

Main Features

  • Material: Soft Rubber
  • Stored in Cool & Dry Place
  • Provides Anti-Slip Protection
  • For Indoors & Outdoors
  • Easy to Use & Clean
  • Size: 27 x 15.7in
  • Thickness: 0.2 – 0.8in
  • Weigh: 58 oz (3.625 lbs)


  • It helps prevent slipping and skidding
  • It is soft and malleable
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It is small and lightweight for easy storage and transportation
  • Great price tag


  • It’s not weather resistant
  • It doesn’t work properly on a surface that has sand or oil
  • It is not heat resistant

3. Ideal Security LA1 for Type 2 – Best Ladder-Aide On Stairs Review

Ideal Security Ladder-Aide LA1 for Type 2Ideal Security Ladder-Aide LA1 is designed for type 2 ladders and these are ladders that have a load capacity of 225 pounds.

If you have a type 1 ladder, which has a load capacity of 250 pounds, get the LAP1 model by Ideal security, which is designed for such ladders.

So moving on, the LA1 model is versatile. You can use it on a single, telescoping, extension, and straight ladders. And you can use it with multiple ladders.

In other words, you can use it with different ladders like when you need to change ladders to use the right ladder for the right job.

Ideal Security Ladder-Aide LA1 for Type 2

Via: @idealsecurity

It does make your life a lot easier because it gives you the flexibility to use different ladders for different jobs while providing you with safety.

And this is reason enough to want to purchase this accessory particularly if you are in the construction business.

Ideal Security Ladder-Aide LA1 for Type 2 Review, Pros and Cons

But what’s great about this product is that it keeps your ladder steady when placed on uneven ground like on a staircase. Unlike certain ladders that can only be placed on even ground.

With this product, you can place your ladder on uneven ground and not worry about the ladder falling over and your safety.

The LA1 ladder aide has 5 components: the stabilizer, upright, platform, and 2 locking pins. It has multiple mounting holes to allow you to make fine adjustments to ensure that your ladder is perfectly level.

Ideal Security Ladder-Aide LA1 for Type 2

Via: @idealsecurity

And it is self-storing making it easy to carry and store in small spaces.

Main Features

  • Stable & Level Surface for Ladders on any Staircase
  • For Straight Single, Extension & Telescoping Ladders
  • Micro-Adjustable to 1/8″ for use on almost any stairs
  • No Installation Required
  • Move From Stair to Stair With No Hassle
  • Designed for Type 3 and 2 Aluminum Ladders
  • Step Size: 5.125″ – 7.875″ High, 8.268″ – 13.975″ Deep
  • Max Ladder Dimensions: 19″ x 4. 5″
  • Meets ANSI-ASC Weight Standards
  • Complies with the 9.1.1 Foot Slip Test


  • Ideal for type 2 and 3 ladders
  • Sturdy construction that is durable and lightweight
  • Multiple mounting holes to ensure the ladder is perfectly level
  • Ideal to use on uneven ground
  • Can be used with different ladders
  • It is easy to install
  • Increases your safety


  • Not ideal for curved stairs
  • Some consumers find it expensive

Ladder-Aide and Ladder-Aide Pro: How to use a ladder on stairs easily and safely:

4. Xtenda-Leg 700 – Best Ladder Levelers with Cleated Feet Review

Xtenda-Leg 700 Ladder Levelers with Cleated FeetPlacing a standard ladder on a surface that is not level and trying to keep it level can be taxing.

And sometimes pretty much impossible.

This is why companies like Xtenda make ladder levelers, which are designed to level a ladder on uneven ground.

The Xtenda-Leg 700 Leveler helps you to level your ladder when you have to place it on an uneven surface to get a job done. And this allows you to work without worry that the ladder will slide causing you to topple over.

We would recommend this accessory to people who are in the construction industry. If you are a roofing contractor or painter this accessory can greatly improve your safety when you need to work on uneven surfaces.

Xtenda-Leg 700 Ladder Levelers with Cleated Feet Review, Pros and Cons

This leg leveler comes with rubber feet and cleaved feet. The rubber feet are meant to help you level your ladder on a smooth surface like a wooden or tiled floor. With the cleaved feet, you can level your ladder on any kind of terrain.

And what you do is mount the leg levelers on the ladder rails at the bottom. So it gives the ladder a lift and from there, you can adjust the leg levelers to any position depending on the ground level.

How to instal Xtenda-Leg 700 Ladder Levelers with Cleated Feet

There are spring-loaded lock plates on the levelers, which you squeeze when you want to retract or extend the ladder. And that’s all it takes.

The levelers are sturdy and will keep your ladder steady. But one thing you would need to do is drill holes on your ladder to bolt the leg levelers to it.

Some people may not be willing to do that but consider the kind of safety this product can provide you when you need to work on different types of terrains.

Main Features

  • For Working Safely On Uneven or Loose Surfaces
  • Unlimited Adjustment Positions
  • Spring Loaded Lock Plates for retract and extend the ladder
  • Feet Pivot 360° x 45°
  • Material: Steel
  • Simple & Easy to Install


  • Simple and easy to install
  • Spring mechanism that allows you to retract and extend the ladder
  • Keeps your ladder level on any kind of terrain
  • Increases your safety while working on unlevel surfaces
  • Adjusts to any position


  • You have to drills holes on the ladder to attach the levelers

5. LADDER ACCESSORIES 600C – Best Ladder Leg Leveler Pair Review

LADDER ACCESSORIES 600C Ladder Leveler PairThe LADDER ACCESSORIES 600C ladder leg levelers are made from the US and they are quite popular.

They are made of steel for sturdiness and durability.

The levelers are designed to keep a ladder steady on uneven ground. They come with rubber and cleaved feet that you can interchange depending on the ground surface.

They are not hard to install. You first need to remove the ladder feet to attach the levelers if your ladder has them.

It shouldn’t be hard to remove the feet, but it all depends on the locking mechanism or how they are attached to the ladder. But usually, it should be relatively easy to take them off.

LADDER ACCESSORIES 600C Ladder Leveler Review, Pros and Cons

Once you do that, you’ll need to drill holes on the ladder to attach the levelers. And this product comes with all the hardware you need to attach the levelers including the bolts and washers.

You don’t need to buy any tools or parts to install the levelers on the ladder. There is an instructional manual, which shows you how to install the levelers and how to operate them. So it’s something you can do yourself.

What you need to know is that there is a spring mechanism on the levelers to help you to adjust the ladder. And you can adjust the ladder to any position. You can use your hand or foot to make the adjustments.

Once you get the ladder to the level you want, the levelers will automatically lock in that position.

The one issue with the levelers is that they are not designed for slippery surfaces. If you need to work on a slippery surface, you need to get a ladder stop mat.

Main Features

  • Used for Building Materials & Ladders
  • For Use Only On Firm Surfaces
  • Not Intended For Use On Slippery Surfaces
  • Material: Solid Steel
  • Locking Mechanism
  • 2 Base Attachments
  • Zinc Plated to Protect Against Rust
  • High Grip Rubber Feet For Firm Surfaces
  • Levels Type II, I & 1A Ladders up to 32′


  • Made of steel for durability and strength
  • Easy to adjust spring mechanism for retracting and extending the ladder
  • Comes with cleaved and rubber feet that you can interchange
  • Ideal for construction workers, recreation workers, agricultural technicians, and roof contractors
  • Solid construction that is reliable and sturdy


  • Cannot be used on slippery surfaces
  • They are heavy
  • The replacement feet are expensive

6. Little Giant Ladder Systems 10104 -Best Work Platform Review

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10104 Work PlatformThis work platform by Little Giant is extremely handy.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10104 Work Platformcan be used as a standing platform or workstation.

As a workstation, you can use it to place your tools like paint, brushes and stuff like that.

As a standing platform, it can support a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds. So you can easily stand on it without fear that it will fold. What’s more, it gives you more stability and better balance when you are on a ladder.

And the way it’s used is, you need to first open it up and then place it on any two rungs of your ladder.  The ladder can be an extension ladder or an A-frame ladder. Once you mount it on the rungs, you can stand or place your tools on it.

When you no longer need the platform you can remove it entirely or you can slide it out of the way, and use it as a step to climb up the ladder.

Generally speaking, this platform is designed to make it comfortable and safe when using your ladder.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10104 Work Platform Review, Pros and Cons

Particularly when you need to spend a lengthy amount on it to get a job done.  It also helps you work more quickly and easily.

So you don’t get tired too quickly because it offers comfort and stability.

Main Features

  • Comfortable Standing Platform or Tool Holder
  • Weight Capacity 375-lbs
  • Fits any Little Giant Ladder Rung
  • Attaches Easily
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Tucks Away Easily When Not Needed
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Increases your safety and comfort when on the ladder
  • It is sturdy, stable, and reliable
  • It has a weight capacity of 375 pounds
  • It can be used as a standing platform or a workstation
  • Ideal for extension or A-frame ladders
  • Made of aluminum for strength, reliability, and longevity
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ideal for homeowners, landscapers, painters, and roof contractors


  • It is overpriced

Little Giant Ladders Work Platform How-To:

7. Ladder-Max ABM 2002 – Best Stand-Off Stabilizer Review

Ladder-Max ABM 2002 Stand-Off StabilizerThe Ladder-Max ABM 2002 Stand-Off Stabilizer is easy to use the device that is designed to stabilize your ladder.

And you can use it on an articulated, extension or single ladder, but not an A-frame ladder.

This device is ideal for roof contractors or homeowners who want to gain access to their rooftops or areas near the rooftop.

It is made of steel, which is durable, sturdy, and weather-resistant. It weighs about 8 pounds. So it’s not too heavy to carry around, but some people may find it bulky.

Ladder-Max ABM 2002

Via: @peninsulachimneyservice

Installation is easy. You just need to hook the stabilizer on the ladder rungs and using the clips that come with it, lock it in place. You don’t need tools as the clips lock easily, firmly, and securely.

Ladder-Max ABM 2002 Stand-Off Stabilizer Review, Pros and Cons

Once you have mounted the stabilizer, you can also lean it on a wall if you need to paint or wash a window. You can buy a multi-tray from the Ladder-Max or any other company and place it on the stabilizer to use it as a workstation.

One issue with the stabilizer has more to do with the design than the functionality. And it has to with the orange tips. They are not pliable. They are hard and they may cause some depression on your roof.

But this depends on the type of roof you have. The other issue has to do with the step. It’s a bit narrow, so you need to be extra careful when climbing down the ladder.

Main Features

  • Designed & Certified for Direct Roof Placement
  • Protecting Siding, Roofing & Gutters
  • Rugged, Durable Zinc-Plated Steel Construction
  • Provides 19 inches of Standoff
  • Approved For Use With Ladder Jacks
  • Heavy Duty Non-Marring Plastic Tips
  • Slip-Resistant Steps


  • Extremely easy to install and uninstall
  • Easy to use
  • Solid construct that is durable and reliable
  • Improves safety
  • Ideal for homeowners and roof contractors
  • Ideal for articulated and extension ladders


  • It’s a bit bulky
  • The tips can damage your roof
  • Pricey

Ladder-Max Model ABM 2002 Ladder Standoff;

8. Werner 92-88 – Best Cable Hook and V Rung Assembly Review

Werner 92-88 Cable Hook and V Rung AssemblyThe Werner Cable Hook and V Rung Assembly is designed for electricians and electrical power line repairers and installers.

It has steel construction for durability, strength, and reliability.

And it functions as a cable hook and v rung to secure a single or extension ladder to electrical poles to keep you steady and stable when you climb up and down the ladder.

It can adjust to 10 inches when you need to reach a higher height. This product is ideal for extension ladders made of fib.

Werner 92-88 Cable Hook and V Rung Assembly Review, Pros and Cons

Main Features

  • For Single & Extension Ladders
  • Functions as both Cable Hook & V-Rung
  • Material: Aluminum, Steel
  • Rubber Pad for Slip-Resistant Performance
  • Mounting Hardware & Instructions


  • It has a sturdy and solid construction
  • The build is weather-resistant
  • Ideal for single and extension ladders
  • Increases safety
  • It is lightweight and easy
  • It is affordable


  • You have to drill holes into your ladder to attach the assembly
  • Installation is not easy and is time-consuming

Buyer’s Guide

We have discussed some ladder accessories that can help prevent ladder accidents. These accessories are not similar and they have different purposes.

The key thing is to get an accessory based on the type of ladder you use, how often you use it, and the purpose of the ladder.

So when you consider purchasing a ladder accessory, here are some key points to help you figure out the best accessory for your needs.

Type of Work

Ladders vary in size and style. They are also designed for different purposes. So when choosing a ladder accessory, it boils down to the type of work you need the ladder for.

If it’s for small jobs at home like changing a light bulb, an A-frame ladder would be a great choice. If you are in the construction business or you work with powerlines, a single or extension ladder is what you would need.

Ladder Work Platform

Via: @occupationalopportunist

For home jobs, a ladder work platform, stabilizer, stop mat, and ladder leg levelers are some of the accessories that would be ideal.

If you work with powerlines, one accessory that would be essential for your safety would be a cable hook and v rung assembly.

If you are in the construction industry and you use ladders often, ideal accessories that can help prevent falls from a high height include stabilizers, leg levelers and ladder aides.

Type of Accessory

Ladder accessories are designed for different purposes. And they are compatible with different ladders.

So when deciding on which ladder accessory to buy, check whether its the right accessory for your ladder and job. If you are an electrician, get an accessory that does not conduct electricity.

So as you choose a ladder accessory that is compatible with your ladder and meets your needs also check the material the accessory is made of to prevent accidental injuries.

Ease of Installation and Use

Some ladder accessories are hard to install, especially the ones that are compatible with single or extension ladders. And some are super easy to install.

So when purchasing a ladder accessory, get one that is easy to install and uninstall.

Via: @idealsecurity

If you find yourself spending a lot of time installing a ladder accessory, you need to get rid of it and get one that you can install easily and quickly.

Also, get one that is easy to use. You don’t want one that is difficult to use. Otherwise, this will not only slow down your work, but it may also compromise your safety when on the ladder.


Like ladders, choose a ladder accessory that is made of durable materials.

You don’t want to keep buying new ladder kits because they just won’t last long. You would rather spend more to get a quality one that can give you years of service, than a cheap one that may become useless after a few uses.


Most accessories are not expensive. But then again, if you are on a budget you can check out cheaper ones but with positive ratings.


Ladder accessories are extremely handy because not only do they help you get your work done easily and quickly, they also increase your safety.

And owing to the fact that many of them are significantly affordable, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get one or two for your own safety.

Best Ladder Accessories