How to Put up a Tree Stand by Yourself / How to Put up a Ladder Stand

How to Put up a Ladder StandDo you like deer hunting? Then, this article has some interesting information for you.

As you likely know, there are different strategies to pursue this sport.

Some deer hunters spot a deer and stalk it. Others set up an ambush. You choose the strategy you like best.

One of the most effective deer hunting strategies is to hang a tree stand. Experienced deer hunters use this strategy to effectively kill mature bucks.

Have you tried this strategy before? If not, would you like to give it a try? Read on. In this article, you will learn how to put up a tree stand and a ladder stand to hunt.

What Is a Tree Stand?

A tree stand is a platform that deer hunters use to have a wider viewpoint of a certain area. This platform is secured in a tree. Some tree stands are open, whereas others are enclosed for the comfort of the hunter or better concealment.

Before we proceed to discuss how to put up a tree stand, let’s briefly describe the main types of tree stands:

  • Climbing stands. These are chairs that are fixed on a tree. They have a sit-to-stand climbing system;
  • Ladder stands. There are platforms to which the hunter can climb using a ladder. Usually, there is a chair for the hunter to sit on the platform;
  • Hanging stands. This is somehow similar to climbing stands. But here, the hunter doesn’t have a chair to sit on in most cases.

From these descriptions, we can see that climbing and ladder stands are somehow similar. The difference is the way to go up and reach the seat.

Tree Stand

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In this article, you will learn how to put a ladder stand by yourself. This type of tree stand is the most preferred by deer hunters.

Why Should You Build a Ladder Stand by Yourself?

If you like deer hunting, you like the outdoors. Building a ladder stand by yourself gives you a feeling of connection with the outdoors. You have to cut the wood and work hard to complete the task. This also gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

DIY ladder stand

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You will feel much more comfortable on a stand that you built with your hands. Remember, you will be sitting there the entire day. So, you better feel comfortable there.

In the following, you will learn to build a DIY ladder stand. Bear in mind that any time you leave the ground, you are at risk of falling. Hence, if you build this ladder stand, you understand that the safety thereof is your responsibility.

If you don’t have solid carpentry skills, perhaps you should consider letting a professional carpenter do it.

Materials and Tools

The following is a list of the materials you need:

  • 2”×4” × 14’ treated lumber. This will be used for the legs of the ladder stand. Make sure you use the best lumber you can find since this is the main structure of the ladder stand;
  • 2”×4” lumber. This will be used for different parts of the ladder stand. You will use it for making steps, rails, and other parts. Hence, make sure you have enough of this lumber;
  • 1×6 boards that will be used for decking;
  • Fourteen 5/16”×4” hexagonal bolts. These are necessary to fix all the parts of the ladder stand. Make sure to get the right nuts and washers too;
  • Two 6” eyebolts to fix a ratchet strap to. Make sure you get the proper nuts and washers also;
  • Several 2.5” deck screws. You will use them for decking and fixing ladder steps.

You need standard carpentry tools to ensemble this ladder stand. A crosscut saw and an electric drill with all its accessories will suffice. Other tools like a square and a tape measure will come in handy.

Building Instructions

To build your ladder stand, follow these steps.

1. Fix the Legs

The treated 2”×4” lumber will determine the height of your ladder stand. Hence, you have to drill a pilot hole in each of the legs.

The holes must be drilled where you want the platform to be. Consider the height of the sidewalls on the platform to decide where to drill these holes.

2. Build the Platform Base

Now, you can start building the platform base. You can choose the width that you prefer, but it is recommended to use something like 32”.

Build the Platform Base for Ladder Stand

You should install a 2”×4” floor joist in the center. This way, you’ll be able to install the floorboards more easily.

3. Install the Decking

Install the decking on the platform and fix the 1×6 boards using screws.

4. Fix the Platform

Attach the platform firmly to the legs, using bolts with nuts and washers.

5. Make the Ladder Steps

Make the steps of the ladder with 2”×4” lumber. Attach them to the legs, using bolts with nuts and washers. There should be an 18” gap between steps.

Make the Ladder Steps for Ladder Stand

6. Make the Seat

Make the seat with two 2”×4” rails and four 2”×4” pieces across. Fix everything properly with bolts.

Make the Seat for Ladder Stand

7. Fix the Structure

Add two top rails and two rear uprights. The uprights must be fixed to the platform and to the top rails to create a solid structure. Use bolts with nuts and washers to fix them.

The rear of the seat must be fixed to the upright. You should use eyebolts for this purpose.

Using eyebolts has the advantage of making it possible to tighten a ratchet strap around the trunk of the tree. This will make the ladder stand more stable and safer.

8. Add Braces

Add two braces between the ladder and the platform base. This will add help to support your weight when you climb.

That’s all you need to do. It will be a lot of hard work. Although you can do everything on your own, it will be much easier if someone lends you a hand.

You can improve the ladder stand by adding different accessories that will make your wait more comfortable. Also, you can add camouflage to prevent deer from seeing you easily.

How to Put up a Tree Stand by Yourself

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